PBR Bull Riding

Get ready for a weekend of bull-bucking action as Professional Bull Riding returns to Ocean City on May 31st! To emphasize one of those words, these are professionals, so you won’t be riding the bulls yourself, but you’ll get to be a part of the crowd, cheering them on and having a blast.

Last year, we witnessed an unprecedented transformation as the Ocean City Inlet parking lot was turned into a colossal bull riding arena, complete with truck loads of sand bringing the stadium to life for the inaugural event. The PBR Challenger Series, sponsored by Seacrets, offers one of the most uniquely electrifying events, thanks to its proximity to the beach, ocean, and boardwalk. Where else can you find such a spectacle? Keep scrolling to continue reading and purchase tickets through the link at the bottom!

The nearby restaurants alone make the trip worth it. I was lucky enough to catch last year’s event, during which I grabbed a meal at Harbor Watch, walked over for a dose of bull-riding adrenaline, and then grabbed drinks at The Wedge. It was a perfect weekend. People of all ages honestly had a time, and boardwalk accommodations made it all the more convenient. 

Speaking of which, if you’re looking for a place to stay that weekend and don’t want to deal with the hassle of driving and parking, we’ve got a few recommendations for you!

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