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sea rocket boat and parasailing

Ocean City, Maryland, is more than a picturesque beachfront town boasting mouth watering seafood and breathtaking landscapes. It’s a vibrant community enriched by tradition and a shared love for the sea. Embodied in this community spirit is a long-standing opportunity of adventure for over 35 years, the Sea Rocket! Showcasing how this celebrated attraction seamlessly blends thrilling water activities with Ocean City’s robust community, let’s set sail on an exploratory experience.

The Patriotic Spirit of the Sea Rocket Speedboat

The Sea Rocket, painted in patriotic colors of red, white, and blue, symbolizes the American Dream! This is more than a speedboat; it’s an emblem of national pride that rides the waves of Ocean City. The Sea Rocket experience allows both locals and visitors to engage with the Atlantic Ocean’s mighty splendor while taking in an awe-inspiring perspective of Ocean City’s skyline. As you skim along the coastline, you can spot iconic landmarks, your own hotel such as The Doubletree by Hilton or The Holiday Inn, and even playful bottlenose dolphins, our regular aquatic companions- further enhancing your connection with this vibrant coastal community.

Basking in Nature’s Grandeur: Sea Rocket Sunset Cruises

As your day of adventure comes to an end, we invite you to join us on a more relaxing adventure: the Sea Rocket Sunset Cruise. Watch as the setting sun paints a canvas of golden hues across the sky, bathing the cityscape in a warm, calming light. Every landmark, from the bustling boardwalk to the beautiful beachside hotels, radiates in the sunset’s glow. These shared moments of tranquility, watching nature’s spectacle together, are the very essence of our close-knit community. Harrison’s Harbor Watch, only 5 minutes away, is one site that may grab your attention and be the place for dinner after your cruise comes to an end.

Elevating Adventures with Ocean Parasailing

For thrill-seekers, Sea Rocket’s parasailing ventures offer an exhilarating bird’s-eye view of our beautiful city and the neighboring Assateague Island State Park. As you’re lifted high into the sky, snugly fastened, and securely linked to our trusty boat, you’ll get a whole new perspective on Ocean City! It’s a sight that’ll stick with you as you satisfy your thrill seeking desire. Hey, is that your hotel over there? Seeing it from way up here sure makes you feel like a part of this remarkable city! Who knows, this new view may pique your interest of some new places to visit once you return to land, such as the new Wedge Bar that is located right in the inlet!

Sea Rocket: Activities for All

Our repertoire at Sea Rocket extends to offer various exciting water activities for everyone. Hop onto our Banana Boat for an adrenaline-fueled ride or explore the calm waters with our kayak and Stand Up Paddle Boards [SUP] rentals. We also offer Private Party Cruises, ideal for unforgettable gatherings to share memorable moments against the beautiful backdrop of Ocean City. Angling enthusiasts can dive into a thrilling deep-sea adventure with Chaser Sportfishing, reaffirming Sea Rocket’s commitment to offering a variety of engaging activities that cater to everyone.

Welcome to the Sea Rocket Family

Sea Rocket Adventures isn’t merely a host of exciting water activities; it’s an integral part of Ocean City’s unique charm and community spirit. We are proud to partner with other local businesses, including hotels and restaurants, striving together to provide a top-notch experience for everyone. This shared endeavor echoes our commitment to the community and enriches the Ocean City experience for locals and visitors alike.

We warmly invite you to join our Sea Rocket family. Hop aboard, share in our community spirit, and create unforgettable memories in the heart of Ocean City. From soaring through the sky to cruising along the beautiful coastline, let the Sea Rocket steer toward an adventure you’ll cherish forever.

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